Jessica Edison

It was the holidays and all I wanted to do was lose 5 pounds before the holidays so I could eat guilt free.
Little did I know that I was about to start life-changing journey.

My name is Jessica Edison. I'm 29, from Dallas, TX.

I’m a former Science and Special Education teacher. It Works found me through a blitz card on my desk at school. It seemed to be just the ticket to losing the weight I wanted, I jumped on the $99 opportunity. When I did the math it just made sense to be a distributor. It was a huge opportunity—but I didn’t know it at the time.

One day, I was looking at some YouTube videos, trying to do a little research on this thing I had signed up for and still didn’t quite understand and I came across a former teacher who invested her time and talent in It Works and something just clicked.  Why NOT me?  An extra $500 for my son’s private school would be nice….  Right then and there I decided I was going to do it; whatever this IT was.  I studied, I watched videos, and sometimes at 3 AM in the morning my husband would find me glued to my phone in our closet, watching wrap party tips and tricks.


In 5 months, I promoted to Diamond and earned a $10,000 bonus, then promoted to Double Diamond in 6 months and earned a $15,000 bonus. At this point, I was replacing my teaching salary left my teaching position at Christmas break.


The freedom to run my business and spend time with my family was such a blessing and in 10 months I promoted to Triple Diamond. Four months later, our family was on a Hawaii vacation when I became a Presidential Diamond and earned a $100,000 bonus. This business has allowed me to dream without limits!  To someone who’s thinking ” I don’t know if I could really be successful at this” let me tell YOU…. YOU 100% Can! You just have to decide. The will to win cannot be beat, you’ve gotta wanna win. PERIOD. I can say without hesitation this journey is ABSOLUTELY worth it!


I’ve always been an athlete and learned from an early age excuses got me NOWHERE. Cut the excuses, put in the work, you’ll be amazed what you can do and how many lives you can change along the way.  Today, I look back and I feel blessed beyond what I know I deserve. This opportunity has strengthened my relationship with my family, with my team and most importantly with God. I’m closer to Him. I’m don’t want to fail Him. I want Him to know He can trust me with the blessings He’s given me, I know I’m here to bless others.


I’m made for more; my team is made for more & I don’t plan on stopping until everyone on my team experiences this feeling.