The Beginning

Before becoming an entrepreneur, my college sweetheart, Dominic, and I were working as educators. We then decided to take an opportunity in network marketing - we just didn't know how big the opportunity was.

The Journey

After jumping onboard with network marketing, I was rising and fast! From $10k bonus', to $15k, $100k within a year, the growth was just amazing. From there, we decided to put our resources into real estate and begin our empire.

A Family of Flip

See how our multi-generation family team flips property. -
"A family that flips together, stays together".

Our Story

Jessica Edison Blog

Faltering flagship

How best to prop up the companies that power South Korea’s export-driven economy as the rest of the world slows? The government’s previous answer, the so-called “one-shot” bill, aims to help the

Mar 11, 2016

One Photo in Many Places

How do I make my Instagram photos also post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously? To have the photos you upload to Instagram appear on your other profile pages around the social web,

Mar 11, 2016

Tech Incubators on a Mission

CHICAGO — Many tech start-ups are in the business of making themselves successful. But some entrepreneurs have set up businesses with the express mission of training others to be

Mar 11, 2016